Randolph theaters
24 North to exit 20A bingo!

Drive-in theater:

Mendon theater is coming back in April YEAH!

24 to exit 14B towards Worcester 29 miles
Exit 19/Rte.109 towards Milford
Turn left on Medway St rte. 109 1 mile
Bear left on rte. 16/main st for one mile
on the left is the theater on 35 milford st
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Tony and me watched Batman vs Dracula the other night.

"Joker is on crack!"

"Look! He's going to say it." (I'm Batman)

"SuGaR we are going down SWINGIN'" (HATE THAT FUCKING SONG!)

"Just yeah can I just come over and have a crap load of friends to come over and take up space." lol
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I found a couple of different routes the other day. Route 79 leads towards Lakeville/Middleboro if you're on rte. 24 exit 9. If you take a right at the lights near BCC and you can get onto rte. 79 onto rte. 24 and also same thing but you can get onto rte. 138 north which will lead you towards Taunton if you bear left after the Seven Hills in Fall River and instead of going straight onto rte. 79.

Attention! Important: DON'T GET ME ANYTHING FOR X-MAS. I haven't been getting a lot of hours at work and I will feel bad if I don't get someone a present for X-mas and they got me something. But there are a couple of birthdays coming up and I'll get those people some b-day presents.

I miss hanging out with Tyler. I'm working today, tomorrow, and Sunday if you need me call the cell and I'll get back to ya. Don't call me at work today, because I'm not at Service Desk.
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Sorry gang I wasn't in the mood to hang out. :\

Today I worked 12-5 and then I changed my schedule at the last minute for tomorrow because I got to go BCC and sign up for some program.

Alternative plan:
Wanna go see a movie or two? It's $20 per car load on Friday at the drive-in.

Just call me tomorrow or some time after 4ish.
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